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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hollywood & Vine Magazine Appearance

Following through from:

On March 22nd, during the maelstrom of vexed emails (evoked by Writers House Literary Agency's incompetence), unbeknownst to the antagonists and comrades, there was an 'angel' observing the proceedings from the sidelines. Angela H., founder of Breaking Into Hollywood and Editor-in-chief of the Hollywood & Vine magazine was intrigued and entertained by the chaos wrought by a sloppy intern of a 'major' NY agency. She stood up for the rights of the affronted writers, deeming our story worth telling and offered each of us a chance to shine in her chic magazine ( We were asked to describe our stories, say a few words about ourselves and explain how we deal with rejections on a personal level. Fortunately, my entry was one of those picked for print:

The works I presented were: THE PENSIVE PRINCE - the essence of happiness ; GRUMPY PUPPY - a tale of puppy love ; JINX THE CAT - a hero's measure.

My 'rejection philosophy': Frankly, I am glad when a body you are about to invest huge amounts of time and trust in shows its true colours early on - a stitch in time... I take the view that agencies are entitled to cherry-pick whom to work with, provided they are ethical about it. After all, I certainly am not seeking half-hearted representation.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

'Writer # 63'
On the 22nd of March, 237 aspiring writers and I received a form rejection email from an astoundingly inept intern at Writers House Literary Agency. The standardized reply began with “Dear 1 of 238 Authors I have to mail a standard reply to,” and got progressively worse. However, the ‘palm-to-face’ moment was when we all realized that we had all been copied the message along with each other’s addresses. This motley, yet serendipitous occurrence unleashed an unprecedented wave of camaraderie among the mass-insulted and out of the brief chaos The 238 Club was born. The few. The proud. The 238.

Rejection in itself is nothing new to artists. Impressions and opinions are very subjective and agents are entitled to cherry-pick whom to represent. Likewise, I have nothing against form letters – what difference does the 'colour' or ‘flavour’ of the word ‘NO.’ make anyways? That’s fine – their loss, we move on, as far as most of us are concerned. However, the agency’s reputation and pedigree become quickly tarnished when they let simple-minded hirelings cause a scandal through distilled incompetence and then fail to make things right by issuing a public apology. This sheer laxness in managing image damage control after a public muck up, casts a long shadow over all their sugar-coated promises of good service. Something to keep in mind when we break through, the tables turn and it is they who come to pitch to us. See how deep the rabbit hole really goes – come, join our groups and meet the ‘troops’:

Ave, Rejected 238! by K.O. Temple
As a wily, beamish pachyderm,
Rejections per se aren’t my concern.
For every artist – rich or poor,
Has suffered criticism galore!

Agents indeed are busy people,
I do not blame them for this fact.
But they make themselves seem low and simple,
When they scuff at talent without tact.

We sowed 238 finely-tuned queries,
As but a prelude to our true task.
We would not have considered this form-rejection silly,
If respect was mutual – or is that too much to ask?

We will keep on writing and we WILL grow,
But certain gauche ‘agents’ we are well pleased not to ever know!

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Lou S asked: "Do we live in symbiosis with our data-driven devices or are we now being driven by our own inventions? Are you the victimized ballerina that can't stop dancing in her beautiful, new red slippers? Or do you whistle while you work and live a more balanced version of our modern day self-invented fairytale?"

I wrote: I believe that devices much like software and websites are there to serve us and enhance our life, making tasks (whatever they are) easier. The problem is human insatiability - we tend to overindulge and overcrowd our day by taking too much on our plate - if before the invention of a car a man could walk 10km per day to the market and be perfectly happy with a day's work and after the advent of motor vehicles 100km became a mundane experience, nowadays people nonetheless push the limit and try to cover 500km or more per day. Before phones and emails, contacting door-to-door 20 customers per day was an exuberant feat of brilliant salesmanship, whereas now, salespeople are expected to contact that many people per hour... It is the users' prerogative whether to use or be used - I don't think anyone doubts that we are still smarter than the machines, but like a potent drug, our resistance is worn down and we use more and more if we don't consciously say "enough is enough" and set sensible boundaries. Lest we resist we become slaves - not to the machines, but to our own greed. As the saying goes - don't blame the tools... :)


About the author: Oleg K. Temple has worked as an editor and consultant on numerous projects advising various start-ups and fledgling SMEs (mostly in the travel, accommodation, tourism and HR sectors) for over 12 years. His main project has been The Cornerstones of World Business, international business directory focused on bringing to light the best companies from each country and state, providing them with affordable advertising and marketing opportunities while encouraging them to engage in lucrative B2B and B2C relations. For travel information such as hotels in California, accommodation New York, hotels Illinois and other destinations across Europe and USA; or if you seek reliable financial, real estate, consultancy, insurance, construction or shipping partners - welcome to

Friday, July 01, 2011

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Managing Stress in Business

Journalist Diana R. asked: "I'm looking to speak with small-business owners who have unique stress busting techniques -- beyond the standard glass of red wine or practising yoga."
Here's my take on her question:

There is no "silver bullet" elixir. Stress management is a process, not a quick fix and to understand how it works, one must first analyze and understand its nature. There are essentially two ways to handle stress: 1) confront it (active venting): i.e. give it an outlet, a form of expression - usually physical (sports, sex, dancing, etc.), but also music, art and other expressive activities or 2) escape it (passive dispersal): i.e. divert your attention, thereby deflecting stress and starting the healing process without taking further damage. Let it dissipate by engaging in activities that take your mind off the stress source (attention-demanding games such as chess, video games, books, movies, new hobbies - e.g. learning a new language are great ways to diffuse stress). Drug-unassisted sleep is also right up there, among the top avenues of escape.
Unfortunately, there are wrong forms of both solutions e.g. road rage and conflict or drug use and "drinking to forget"; as well as the false security rendered by the placebo of trying to delegate/outsource the management of one's stress to a psychologist or, worse still, a "life-coach". This is precisely why managing one's psyche is much like watching one's weight - one needs a steady, healthy "diet" or mix of varying activities to keep the mind balanced. The first step in managing stress is, of course, admitting that it exists and will continue mount up if not properly handled. Without realizing this step any and all therapy is useless. The second step is to mitigate its impact by bleeding it off through activities as given above (combined with proper rest and diet) and the third step is to curb the source's emissions. All of these must be undertaken consciously, with iron discipline and determination. Empirically we find that this is far ‘easier written than done’ (for example when one's roof and household hangs in the balance), however, we must ground our emotions and remember that just like youth, money can't buy health and living with stress is like taking up residence next to a nuclear waste dump because the land is cheap; it is in one word: stupid. Stress will inevitably gnaw through one’s nerves resulting in tumours and heart disease and no amount of business success is worth that, so become a "StressWatcher" and choose life over money every time!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Working on two articles, another press release, news items, blog... and more. Busy-busy-busy! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Q&A Management on LinkedIn

Sonia asked: "Can someone be a good leader but not a great manager?"

This is a question that is just as relevant to Recruitment Professionals in California, as it is to recruiters in London, Consultants in Brussels and elsewhere. So here's my answer:

I subscribe to many of the views presented above. Leadership and management call for very different skill sets, I find it to be a serendipitous occurrence when the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ come together in the right proportions within one individual.

A leader is basically a salesman - able to project his passion unto others and garner their succour and support for his cause. He is a visionary and inspiration is his mojo. Great leaders lead by example.

A manager on the other hand is an organizer by nature - following a course already plotted by the leader is his primary function. His virtues are patience, consistence, prioritizing, etc.

A leader is typically brash, opting for high-risk/high reward plans, he is high in influence, initiative and dominance, he is an idea engine and a spontaneous strategist, whereas a manager is a level-headed executor that ensures the long-term goals are met and the wheels keep spinning.

So a leader with nil managerial skill is fire out of control that will eventually burn itself out, unless a manager steps in to harness the raw power and channels it productively, whereas a manager without a leader would have nothing to manage, as he is not the creative innovator/initiator, his gifts lie in organization and maintenance. A leader is focussed on the end goal, whereas the manager navigates all the hurdles on the way to it.

When the leader strikes a spark to light the fire, the manager takes over and maintains it, keeping the dream alive!

Read more business strategy and travel articles in our article section on The Cornerstones of World Business.

Oleg K. Temple, April 2011

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Q&A recruitment on LinkedIn

Casey asked "For employers - How far in advance do you hire for a position? ASAP, 1 month before the need, 2 months if you have the notice, etc? I personally have new graduates that come to me far before their graduation seeking employment... (However) many of the positions that I fill, are almost immediate needs. Do most companies wait till the last minute, or do you make every attempt to fill an opening as soon as possible when you know there's an opening (and considering you have the budget approval for the position!)"

For recruiters to work smoothly with corporate HR departments, they need to know the clients' preferences and agenda. Of course, trends and strategies vary wildly across the board for instance, recruitment companies in New York, which is a dense population centre, will certainly differ from what recruiters in Alameda California are up to. So here's my answer:

Indeed a lot depends on the level of the opening. Middle-management and below we hire spontaneously, within a month of start date, whereas senior level staff such as chief accountants, heads of R&D and c-level execs we typically attract on probation which commences after basic training and the process can take as long as half a year. However, you mention students who have not even completed their studies... imo such untried talent that has not been battle-tested is not suitable for senior management, no matter how bright it is. Experience and references are far more important than exam results - there is no test in the school curriculum for "responsibility", "tenacity", "patience", "dedication" and countless other crucial virtues needed to run a company. I care not if my director has mastered the latest vernacular jargon - what I need to know is that he is willing to put in the extra hours when needed and will not fold under pressure like a wet tissue.

Anyway, just as there is no one-size-fits-all job interview or trial, so there is no one single deadline strategy. I suggest you keep a stable of pre-screened candidates that are able and willing to jump at your call, so that you can deliver as the client requires.

Oleg K. Temple, April 2011

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