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Monday, July 04, 2011

Lou S asked: "Do we live in symbiosis with our data-driven devices or are we now being driven by our own inventions? Are you the victimized ballerina that can't stop dancing in her beautiful, new red slippers? Or do you whistle while you work and live a more balanced version of our modern day self-invented fairytale?"

I wrote: I believe that devices much like software and websites are there to serve us and enhance our life, making tasks (whatever they are) easier. The problem is human insatiability - we tend to overindulge and overcrowd our day by taking too much on our plate - if before the invention of a car a man could walk 10km per day to the market and be perfectly happy with a day's work and after the advent of motor vehicles 100km became a mundane experience, nowadays people nonetheless push the limit and try to cover 500km or more per day. Before phones and emails, contacting door-to-door 20 customers per day was an exuberant feat of brilliant salesmanship, whereas now, salespeople are expected to contact that many people per hour... It is the users' prerogative whether to use or be used - I don't think anyone doubts that we are still smarter than the machines, but like a potent drug, our resistance is worn down and we use more and more if we don't consciously say "enough is enough" and set sensible boundaries. Lest we resist we become slaves - not to the machines, but to our own greed. As the saying goes - don't blame the tools... :)


About the author: Oleg K. Temple has worked as an editor and consultant on numerous projects advising various start-ups and fledgling SMEs (mostly in the travel, accommodation, tourism and HR sectors) for over 12 years. His main project has been The Cornerstones of World Business, international business directory focused on bringing to light the best companies from each country and state, providing them with affordable advertising and marketing opportunities while encouraging them to engage in lucrative B2B and B2C relations. For travel information such as hotels in California, accommodation New York, hotels Illinois and other destinations across Europe and USA; or if you seek reliable financial, real estate, consultancy, insurance, construction or shipping partners - welcome to


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