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Monday, October 04, 2010


At a business forum a female user postulated an opinion “SHE-E-O's can you handle it! For a long time men have held the reins of the Board Room. The tide has turned and now women are taking over and taking charge. How will this affect the men?” Why should it affect ‘the men’ I thought, so I reverted thusly: “In my experience, sex of the individual is irrelevant after the initial tests of will and qualifications that come with joining any new team - the new guy or gal must prove that he/she is fit to lead and has got what it takes. Having said that, reverse discrimination sometime does come into play, as certain women feel threatened, expect preferential treatment and blame all mishaps and clashes on men "not being able to take direction" from a female colleague/boss. Basically, I feel that people of the right calibre (SHE-E-Os and HE-E-Os alike), who are worth their salt don't pay any mind to the issue of sex, as they are confident in their abilities and thus, successful. They weigh real achievements and results before deciding their position, whereas people who are emotionally fragile and insecure to begin with, look for excuses for their failure and of course, the easiest refuge is race sex or religion, i.e. personal bias. As long as women keep bringing the sex thing up it will continue being an overdramatized problem. As long as women keep bringing the sex-thing up it will continue being an overdramatized and overpatronized issue. One should take responsibility for their leadership skills and not blame the "tools”. Do you agree?

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